New Band Spotlight: Slasher

Slasher Band ShotIn a nice double first for Musicscramble, we go international and introduce our first metal band to the New Band Spotlight fraternity. We had a few words with Lúcio Nunes, guitarist and backing vocalist from Slasher. Amazingly, despite his native Portuguese tongue he apologised for his English and yet I barely had to edit this at all. Hell, his English might well be better than my own!

Who are you and where do you hail from?

We are Slasher, a thrash metal quintet from São Paulo, Brazil.

Please introduce the band members.

As mentioned before, we are 5 members. First, I’ll introduce the ones who are in the band since its beginning in 2008. Daniel Macedo is the vocalist, Wellington Clemente the bassist and backing vocalist and Lucas Aldigheri is the other guitarist. Taddei Roberto, drummer, joined us later in 2010, after Rafael Coradi left to dedicate to his Hard Rock project.

How would you describe your sound?

Well, this is very hard to tell because we avoid attaching a label to the music we do. But, I would say that it is Metal with a predominant Thrash influence. Based in a 3rd world country, we are bombarded by thousands of news about corruption, urban violence and many other repugnant immoralities in the core of our society. Brasil is also highly influenced by Christian religions and this is something that I also despise. So, our lyrics themes are harsh criticisms to religion, society and politics.

Being a Brazilian metal band, how do you stop people assuming you’ll sound like Sepultura?

Personally, I don’t think that Slasher’s music sounds like Sepultura. However, if someone compare and state that our sound is similar to theirs I would be very proud of it. They are the ones who introduced Brazilian metal to world after all. So, inevitably, they are our national heroes.

Your bass player is in a wheelchair which is a slightly unusual sight. How does that affect both playing and the live Slasher experience? It must offer some unique challenges.

Well, the live Slasher experience is something really unusual because of this. In my opinion, people are always pleased by that because it’s an explicit demonstration of overcoming our own disabilities no matter if it’s physical or psychological. And of course, it imposes unique challenges to us. We are very affected by unprepared ventures that, in 99% of the cases, don’t have adaptations to facilitate the access of people with disabilities.

Who are your biggest influences?

I would say Sepultura in the first place and then Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Arch Enemy, In Flames… To be honest, I don’t know what influences me exactly because I’m very open minded to music. Metal is not and will never be the only genre that I listen to. It is also true to the other members of the band and I believe that this is a fact that enriches the music we do.

People will like your music because…

I don’t know of someone who likes our music… hahaha… I’m just kidding. Well, I don’t know why they would like it, but I can say that if someone feels identified with our lyrics and history he/she is probably going to like it. Besides that, if someone is looking for a banging music, Slasher is the answer.

Best gig you’ve played so far?

Well for sure it was an opening act for ANGRA. That was an amazing night in our home town; we never played for such a big audience before. I can clearly remember all of those bangers enjoying our music and coming to us after the concert looking for our CDs and T-shirts. That was really a night to remember.

What do you consider the bands greatest achievement to date?

I’m not too sure, but the first 3 things that came to my mind were: our participation in the Wacken Metal Battle 2010, being the 5th best band of São Paulo in a poll conducted by the most important metal news website in Brasil and being the only metal/rock band selected by representatives of Sony Music, EMI, SWU and many others to participate of a CD compilation.

You’re giving away your debut album “Pray for the Dead” via your website. That’s a brave move. What made you decide to give away an album instead of streaming a few tracks or a free single track download like most bands would?

I think that obtaining music for free is something that will always happen. Even if we only made some few tracks available for streaming, the album would be downloaded for free from somewhere else. So, we decide d to give it away in our own website for two reasons: 1st People like free stuff, 2nd With the pay with a tweet button our music would reach a farther distance and people. So, basically it was made to promote our music. The only thing we hope is that if someone liked it, they will return to our website and show us some support buying our album or any other merchandise available.

Have you had the chance to travel outside of Brazil on tour yet? I know you’d go down a storm in the Glasgow, Scotland metal scene.

Thanks a lot for the words! I would say that, in our case, it’s something very prohibitive for one simple reason: money. While an independent artist, we cannot afford a world tour by ourselves. Metal is something that doesn’t give you any money here in Brasil, so we cannot count on revenue coming from concerts nor merchandises because it doesn’t even exist. All the money we make on the road is used to pay for our transportation or to finance some really low budget projects, like a new art for a t-shirt. However, we are really thinking about a European tour for the next year. We are looking for investors to finance that and if it fails, we are thinking about trying some crowdfunding project. I really expect it to happen because most part of the metal public is in Europe.

How important do you find social networking and the Internet as a source for promoting and communicating with your fans?

I would say that it’s vital. The campaigns we do on the Internet are the main source of our new fans and opportunities. A proof of that is this interview obtained in one of our Twitter campaigns. An amazing thing is the ability to communicate with our fans thru these social media tools. This is something that really pleases me because it’s a direct source of your success/failure.

Where can people keep in touch and follow your movements?

In the first place I would like to say thank you very much in the name of the whole Slasher’s crew. I would like also to wish all of the best and prosperity to your website. This initiative of yours is something that really helps the independent music scene. For the ones reading this interview until this point, thank you very much for your time. Further information about us can be found on our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… THANK YOU!

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