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Fei ComodoYou know something; I’m beginning to really love Pledge Music. The charitable funding source has given me much pleasure from Funeral For A Friend, Charlie Simpson, The Subways and most recently InMe. Next up is Ginger’s triple album 555%, but the primary focus of this little piece is to encourage some support for one of my new favourite bands.

Fei Comodo, recently seen touring the UK with Exit Ten, are scheduled to release their new album Behind The Bright Lights via Small Town Records on April 30th, but wanted to create a special edition of the album. They’ve teamed up with Pledge Music and are offering an exclusive hand numbered special edition in different packaging and with some bonus tracks and video content alongside the regular CD. If you don’t want the physical disc, you can pledge for a download of both the album and the special edition second disk goodies too.

That’s the basic of the pledges though which stretch all the way up to a house party and DJ set with the full band! Not a bad way to fill your living room of an evening is it? What should also be highlighted is that 5% of the total money raised donated to Cancer Research UK. So why wouldn’t you get great tunes and feel a little better about yourself to boot?

Take a look at the pledge page and take the plunge.


Check out the new video for forthcoming single “The Air Is Cold Tonight”, due out 16th April. Pledgers can also download track “The Point of No Return” right now.

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