InMe – The Pride (2012)

InMe - The PrideI’ve had my eye on this one for a while. Another album financed via the Pledge Music website, InMe have been providing samples, demos and behind the scenes snippets for the last few months during the creation of The Pride. All those little appetisers indicated The Pride was going to be good and now it has been released I can finally enjoy the main meal.

I was a big fan of InMe’s early material although I hadn’t heard much of the last two albums I gave them a whirl again when the Pledge Music project launched. Having heard those albums again so recently, The Pride doesn’t feel like any sort of radical departure. It sounds like you’d expect an InMe album to sound and that’s no bad thing.

The band has a great sound with a mixture of fast fingered and complex sounding guitar and bass, short sharp lower tuned more metal guitar, and smatterings of electronica throughout. Dave McPherson’s accented voice is rich in its range and confident in the delivery of the lyrics. Occasionally it’s a little like the big book of mythical words and creatures but instead of coming across as foolish or an attempt to sound clever, it works well and paints a vivid picture of a partially broken landscape.

The opening track “Reverie Shores” is a cracker and sets the overall sound of the album up well. If you like that track you’re safe to say you’re going to enjoy the rest of the record. Actually, the first half-dozen tracks are excellent overall, but the album is then slowed right down with the only song I’m not massively keen on, “Escape to Mysteriopa”. It’s not a bad song per se, but I find it lacks the draw of every other track and slows the whole album down like a cumbersome obstacle in the middle of the road. Luckily the momentum is immediately regained by the following number.

I liked The Pride on my first listen though it wasn’t until repeated spins that I really began to peel away all the layers of the music and appreciate the work that’s gone into it. There are some great moments that really pull you into the songs especially where there’s particularly heavy riffing on the go. Other highlights include “A Great Man” and “Halcyon Genesis”, but it’s actually quite difficult to pick standouts from a by and large damn good album. Every song is crafted with the great care and experience of a band who have been around for a long time without losing their way.

The Pride then is indeed a production the band should be proud of.

InMe are on tour from now throughout March in support of the album so be sure to catch them if you can.