Themes For An Imaginary Film (2012)

Our sister website Moviescramble has just posted a review of an album soundtrack for a film which didn’t exist!! You can read the whole review for Themes For An Imaginary Film over there now…

A bit of a stretch this one for a movie review site. A review of the 2012 album Themes for an Imaginary Film by the band Symmetry featuring Johnny Jewel and Nat Walker.

During the making of the 2011 film Drive, the director Nicolas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling approached Johnny Jewel to provide the score. Jewel is a prolific musician and producer for a number of acts on the Italians do it better label including The Chromatics and Desire. The Chromatics album Night Drive (2007) had been extensively used while location scouting for the film took place. A score was produced by ultimately not taken up as the production turned into a much bigger deal than first thought and seasoned film composer Cliff Martinez was drafted in. The soundtrack retained some input from Jewel in the form of a Desire track and a Chromatics track (both featuring the two members of Symmetry) . Since the film was released there has increased speculation that the unused score was superior to the official one and it would receive some sort of release. Continue reading on moviescramble →

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