Iron Maiden – SECC Glasgow – 20th July 2011

ironmaidenfinalfrontierimageI love Iron Maiden, that said, I don’t listen to them often, I own every album, and I do know them, but for me the love of Maiden is seeing them live.

Sweeping into Glasgow on Ed Force One, for the first night of their sold out UK tour supporting recent album The Final Frontier, the anticipation from the crowd was electric. At just before 8:50 UFO’s Doctor Doctor started to blare out the PA; the crowd went wild. Unfortunately it took another almost 5 minutes to get themselves onstage as they insisted on playing the whole prog-rock portion (the first half) of opening track ‘Satellite 15…The Final Frontier’  over the amps before appearing to play the latter half of the song. It kind of killed the mood a little bit. However by the time they’d finished all was forgiven.

One thing I’ve always admired is that Iron Maiden insist on remaining relevant, writing new material and playing it live. Not “the token new single” as other bands with decades of history often do. Maiden play each gig with a strong support of new material, and aren’t ever looked upon as a nostalgia act. Tonight was no different, by the time they reached the tenth track on the set, half of them were from the new album. The remaining five tracks, three of those were recorded within the past 10 years. I know a lot argue this is boring and why don’t they play [insert complainer’s favourite track from Piece of Mind / Killers / Number of the Beast here]? But for me that would be boring as a fan who continues to see Maiden live on every tour. I don’t want to hear the same old songs every time, and I believe the band don’t really want to play them constantly either. The band write consistently high quality new material, and it should be played live, even if the album is now the second newest or such.

Generally the crowd don’t complain and I believe the majority of fans are more than happy by what the setlist consists of, however there is a portion of the crowd who don’t know the material, don’t want to hear it, or don’t rate it so then just talk through those tracks. Only when a song like ‘The Trooper’ comes on do they remember being 16 and through their beer-addled haze try to sing along. Maiden fans are loyal, and one of the best crowds of any live act, but for the sanity of all of us around you, try listening to and appreciate the new material as much as you did when you were 16. Just like those songs you now consider classics why can’t something from The Final Frontier become a classic on future tours?

Towards the end of the show – and definitely keeping every single member of the crowd happy – Iron Maiden blasted through their final six tracks; each one was a thoroughbred classic. Iron Maiden have been around for three decades, and they don’t seem to be getting any older. I don’t mean in looks, I mean in ferocity, ability, and capability. They just do not seem to be slowing down. Bruce still runs around the stage, leaping and sweeping and interacting with the crowd in a manner that makes you feel exhausted watching him! The rest of the band run and jump and pull shapes whilst playing entirely note-perfect renditions of true British Metal.

If you’ve never seen Iron Maiden you should try to. They are a powerhouse unit who never disappoint, no matter which songs are from which recent album, or otherwise – they consistently deliver.

Iron Maiden Setlist S.E.C.C., Glasgow, Scotland 2011, The Final Frontier World Tour (Second Leg)

Gareth Fraser

Gareth Fraser

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10 thoughts on “Iron Maiden – SECC Glasgow – 20th July 2011

    • Thank you Wil. I hadn’t seen that review, but it is a perfect example of only wanting to hear the older material.

      Sad really, as those fans are letting themselves down and missing out. I appreciate you sharing it, and taking time to comment.

  1. Yeah I read that one, what a load of rubbish. I have seen them 6 times and they have delivered every time. A true Maiden fan should love old and new songs

    • Thanks for the comment David. Your words are very true. As i said in the main review is that complainers insist on just talking through the songs they don’t know and ruining it for people who wanted to enjoy it.

      I accept that there may be songs people don’t know, but if you’re a fan of the band then listen to the song: you might enjoy it! Don’t just complain that it’s not “Run to the Hills”!

  2. Imran Chaudhry July 24, 2011 at 19:48 -

    Great night. Only problem was they played one (or two) too many tracks off the new album and they didn’t really hold up well live. Apart from that great gig, great review.

    • Thanks for your comment Imran. For me, ‘Satellite 15…Final Frontier’ was over long and dropped the mood as they came onstage.

      That said, I think the new material sounded better live than it did on record. However compared to those songs we know and love it’s always difficult to claim they stand up to them, I agree. Next tour though I hope they sound like old favourites.

  3. I was at the secc and the satellite 15 intro was excellent. Just like the album it was a piece of experimental expectant promise to the Maiden we all know and love; something different but ultimately leading to the sound we come to expect. I for one love ‘The final Frontier’ album and sang my heart out to all the live performance – as did the crowd around me. If you could hear people talking during these performances you must have been in the toilet!

    • Thanks for your comment, and believe me – that is a relief!!

      Trust me, for my twelfth Iron Maiden show I was most certainly NOT in the toilet. However I have to review as it was.

      So glad to hear it wasn’t the whole crowd after all; Maiden’s new material deserves the respect.

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