Sepultura – Kairos (2011)

Sepultura - KairosBrazilian metal legends Sepultura return this year with their twelfth studio album, Kairos. The name apparently came from the concept of time and the choices that move you on from one place to another. It’s ironic really as the album doesn’t actually sound like they’ve moved anywhere at all in the last couple of years.

I can’t say it’s a bad album by any measure. It’s Sepultura after all, and these guys are damn good at what they do, but there’s just something missing from this record that gives it that special edge to make it stand out from other metal bands. What I always liked about Sepultura was the Brazilian influence infused into their music; the cherry on top of the metal cake if you will. I don’t hear that in this record at all though and I really think it loses something for it.

I feel like I’m being a bit harsh mind you. It’s Sepultura after all and they’re clearly well beyond the Cavalera days and more than accomplished in their own right since the departure of the brothers C. Kairos opens well with a song that half way through becomes a mosh along special, and the quality remains throughout with the staple ingredients of heavy guitar, double kick drum and some cracking shredding, but in the end it’s just another Sepultura album.

Oddly they’ve also decided to cover Ministry’s “Just One Fix” and it’s probably the most stand out thing on the record, but not in a particularly good way. I’ll confess at first I didn’t know it was a cover and I thought they’d decided to do a Rammstein impression, but regardless it’s an oddly wedged in note that doesn’t fit the Sepultura sound at all. The deluxe edition also features a stranger cover – The Prodigy’s “Firestarter”. It’s…interesting.

I guess I need to admit that I’ve largely ignored the last two albums and was hoping to get that bug that would make we want to get into the back catalogue, but I’m afraid this isn’t the album to do it. It’s good, but not “must listen” good.

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