Arctic Monkeys – Brick By Brick (2011)

Yesterday the Arctic Monkeys released a video for the first track to be aired from their forthcoming new album.

Personally, they’ve never recaptured the brilliance of their debut album, which had extremely well-crafted, clever and funny lyrics and memorable tunes. This is bland and has repetitive lyrics, nothing of the genius Alex Turner once showed so much promise of.

However, I do see where they’re trying to go with this; given they recorded it in California it does have a certain 60s California feel to it. But still. Meh.

Take a look / listen and feel free to pass comment.

Gareth Fraser
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2 thoughts on “Arctic Monkeys – Brick By Brick (2011)

  1. ally galloway March 5, 2011 at 08:33 -

    Agreed, nothing they’ve done comes remotely close to the exciting energetic debut. Doesn’t even sound like a “grower”