The Future King

Album CoverSo Radiohead have done it again. (What I consider are) the best band of our generation announced the completion of their new (8th) album today.

In 2007 the band confounded the world by announcing they had completed their 7th album In Rainbows and it was available in just 10 days time via download. Why did they do it this way? Well, they had recently completed their contract with EMI and refused to sign with another label claiming the record industry is mired in the traditional method of hype, advertising, lead singles, interviews and all the usual moves of an unstoppable “machine”. With the birth of the internet and more specifically MP3 files, the way music is listened to and distributed has changed forever; there was no need for Record Labels, traditional distribution models and fat profit percentages. Perhaps to prove a point, or perhaps to be a little flippant, they actually took this step further by allowing you to pay what you wanted for the album; even if that was nothing.

History lesson over. The main point is that today, we woke up to the message “Thanks for waiting” and a link which pointed to the announcement and purchase page for Radiohead’s 8th album The King of Limbs. It is available as a download this Saturday with a physical CD release towards the end of March.

Nothing is known about the album, other than they went in the studio last Autumn and now it’s being released on Saturday. Excited? More than a little!!

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